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Recipe Search by Item // Final Project

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ICM / Networked Media

JavaScript was a brand new language for me 7 weeks ago. Up until then, I knew how to read HTML and edit a bit in CSS. Today, I feel a lot more confident both with Markup and CSS, and have a new friend in my development toolbox named JavaScript. JavaScript is great, but not that simple. I find it will take more and more practice until things really start to sink in. So, before I […]

Our Cyber Junkyard

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Networked Media

This weekend I read an article titled As We May Think, written by Vannevar Bush in 1945. In his article, Bush describes a future that can cram data to microformats, making the storage of huge information seem effortless. One of the things I realized through reading this article was how much we have abused the seemingly infinite attribute of modern technology, and our prime source of mega-data, the internet, has turned into a junkyard. Technology […]