A Moment in Time

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For the course of the semester, I would like to try and develop an app that I designed in the past. This app, suggested to be designed for NASA, is a time-traveling app. For generations people have dreamed of closing their eyes and escaping to a different place in time. Wouldn’t it be wonderful be to have lunch with Cleopatra? Or perhaps, to fly side by side with the Wright Brothers? Whether it’s the wish to roll back in time, or to defy what the future holds, transporting through time has always been a desired power. A Moment in Time is an app that allows dreamers to travel through different events in time at the tip of their fingers. By selecting a year in time along with preferred areas of interest and places around the globe, the adventurer is transported to a selection of events in single moments. Each event, or result, is composed of short documentation, unique imagery and possible links for related content. A Moment in Time has a clear mission: to bring the world one step closer to buckling up and traveling to a desired place in time.








Traveling in time can be interpreted in many different ways, but to me, the most fascinating experience is the one that redirects the traveler to a specific event in time. Be it in the past or in the future, feeling the fluidity of time at the tips of your fingers and having the ability to set a destination is remarkable. Inspired by Google Now, I would like to propose that Time + Place = not just any event, but one that is of particular interest to the adventurer. A strong analogy that captures the act of time traveling is the revolving of a satellite around the globe. The same way technology scans planet Earth, our initiation of time travel scans moments in our past and in our future.


Sketches and Wireframes




(high fidelity WF coming soon.)








The ultimate time travel app allows one to search events (1) based on selected parameters such as time (2), topic and place, but also suggests a more spontaneous option, which is to explore any given event. Upon initiation, the voyager is sent off in time (3) and the progress bar begins to cycle planet Earth (4). A selection of events are suggested, represented as cards (5). Once a card is selected, the event will expand and reveal a variety of content on the subject matter.

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