Book Reviews, Not Reports

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Project Development Studio

Over the past two weeks, Kim and I had some discussions on the structure of this project. The more we discussed “structure”, the more we realized that this entire project and it’s components are all built on structure. The system diagram I created illustrates that on a broader scope. As mentioned earlier, we see this site as an online class archive for books that have been read by the students and their reviews on them. So a student entering the site could either browse existing books and reviews (and take certain actions, addressed later), or, upload his/her own book review. This latter of these options is the one I’ll focus on first, along with a few very quick sketches (more detailed wireframes will be discussed next week).



To create a book review, the user would click on the prominent action button. Once the user has initiated a new post, they are prompted with an overlayed screen, which is where they will be creating their book review.


Ideally, the student would answer the questions, upload and activity, and by clicking the “Done” button, create a new book entry.

As a flow, we think this is a good point to start at. However, there are many pedagogic details within the Book Review process that still need some cracking, by next week we hope to have most of those questions resolved.

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