3D Cross-stitched Plant

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3D Printing

For my final in Intro to 3D Printing, I attempted to create a 3D cross-stitch model of a plant, which I also stitched. This project was a roller coaster of lessons, even for AMS. I had created a the files on Rhino, split all the pieces to separate files, and sent it to print on the MOJO printer. The file was approved by the staff at AMS, but when I went to pick up the final piece, a gooey, soapy print was waiting for me:

IMG_1725 (1)

They tried printing the file two additional times, and had failed. The way the files were printed in the end was by scaling all the pieces 50%, which made the entire structure a lot more durable.




After many hours of stitching, here is the end result:


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